My thoughts on crafting and beauty

Always Remeber that beauty is only skin deep. To achieve true beauty one must reach for inner beauty, then work on your exterior.

I look at crafting and beauty as two in the same. You go from a plain canvas and you build on it, creating a wonderful work of art. The same way we apply makeup to our faces. We begin as a fresh canvas, and later after the makeup has been applied, we allow a different kind of beauty to emerge.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just a little update.

Hello everyone. This post is the beginning of many post I will be doing on here. I hope you all had an amazing weekend. Mine was relaxing, yet I also spent the time getting things organized the way I wanted in my crafting area, creating my wish list of goodies I wan to invest in, and enjoying a weekend in with the family, as well as crafting. I have to admit I don't know if I will be able to stick to not shopping for the next 6 plus weekes, put I sure am going to try, especially since the hubby is going to allow me to purchase all the goodies I want come income tax return.
I have to admit I originally started this blog with beauty in mind. However I will be incorporating crafting, makeup, fashion, deals, all things hair, etc. into this blog. I have found as much beauty and joy in crafting and I have in makeup. There is nothing more wonderful than to put our thoughts into action and create beautfiul master pieces. I have been truly inspired by so many women in both the beauty and crafting community on youtube as well as blogs, and now I want to share with others my thoughts and ideas. My hope is to be able to keep you all better informed on here, twitter, youtube, facebook, etc. The links to all of my sites and ways for you to keep in contact with me are as follows:

My Blog:

My Twitter:

My Form Spring:

My BlogTv:

My Facebook Fan Page:

My Facebook Page:

My personal email:

My Etsy Sale Page: (I will soon be posting things I intend to sale on my etsy store very soon. I will keep you all informed as I start to post things.
I will have giveaways on here from time to time, as well as on my twitter, and my youtube.  I will also do live videos on blog tv from time to time. I am in the process of getting this blog along with all my other sites the way I want them to look, and be proud of them all.  I hope to eventually have my own website as well. I however know it will take some time, but I intend to accomplish it all before 2011 is over. I hate to admit it, but I am not good at technology. Most other things I can say I am good at, but technology, NO. LOL.
I just ask that you take the journey of seeing me improve all my sites.
I am partaking in the 31 day challenge Marion Smith started on youtube, but I must say I have been lagging in my post. That won't be the case much longer. The hubby goes back to work on Tuesday and the kids will be in school. I already have my craft areas and makeup room the way I want it, and I won't see me having any problems in thinkin up a goal and accomplishing, recording information about it, and posting it. I will also be taking time this coming week to respond to everyones messages, emails, and comments. If I have not responded to you, please do not think I have been ignoring you, I have just been so busy, and have been gathering inspiration, thoughts, and ideas from some wonderful youtube ladies. Once I get caught up, I hope to stay caught up with everything.
I will soon be doing an updated craft area tour and hopefully provide you with different ways to store and organize your crafting supplies at an affordable cost. I must admit I did some crafting in the past, and got away from it for a while, then compliments of youtube, I have once again fallen inlove with crafting. I have stopped fearing if I did good enough work and just started going for it. I have learned that just like makeup, crafting takes practice, trial and error.
Speaking of crafting, I will be involved in a crafting blog hop in February. I am very much excited, and will keep you all informed.
I know this is a long post and I am sorry, I just wanted to keep you all posted. I will also be sure to update my blog sale of what is and is not available. I hope to embark on this journey with all of you. Big hugs and lots of love to all of you.

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