My thoughts on crafting and beauty

Always Remeber that beauty is only skin deep. To achieve true beauty one must reach for inner beauty, then work on your exterior.

I look at crafting and beauty as two in the same. You go from a plain canvas and you build on it, creating a wonderful work of art. The same way we apply makeup to our faces. We begin as a fresh canvas, and later after the makeup has been applied, we allow a different kind of beauty to emerge.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Scapchicky's Valentine's Day Blog Hop

Hello everyone how are you all doing? I hope you are having an amazing weekend, and that you will enjoy this blog hop. You have many amazingly talented individuals to view and learn from. Some of us will be also giving away some goodies.
I will be giving away a friend frame that I altered with lace, flowers, and rhinestones. The frame has a very important part of my life embedded into it. Unfortunatly the military destroyed my dress during transit, and I finally broke down after many years and took it apart.  In the upper right hand corner is an actually piece of my dress that I embossed to look like a real flower.  I hope the winner will enjoy.  I am not requiring anyone to follow me here on my blog, althought I would appreciate it, I will however like for you to be subscribed to my youtube channel and leave a comment and tell me your youtube name, and you will be entered to win the frame, bracelet and other goodies. I will be choosing the winner via on Monday.
As you all know I am new to the whole crafting deal. I however am inlove with crafting. I love the ability to recycle products inorder to use on projects, and to see the amazing results.
I find such peace and comfort in crafting as well as anything beauty. To me they are two in the same, as strange as that may sound. I am rambling like I often do. LOL.
OK on a serious note I am partaking in  my first blog hop hosted by Ruthie (scrapchicky), as I stated in the beginning. Thank you Ruthie for this amazing blog hop. I am very humbled to be a part of it, and am excited to be a part of this blog hop.

Here is a little tutorial for you guys to enjoy and try. I hope you try it and enjoy it.

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.

Be sure to check out all the amazing people involved. I have provided a list below for you to go through each individual. Have an amazing weekend once again

#1 Ruthie-Scrapchicky-

#2 Gloria-Gloriascraps2-

#3 Karla- Karlas001-


#5 Friday-Tfriday77-

#6 Susi-Sillyshysushi-


#8 Linda-Scrapchica-

#9 Nancy-Pinkbellamia-

#10 Las Scrappin Senoritas-

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