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Always Remeber that beauty is only skin deep. To achieve true beauty one must reach for inner beauty, then work on your exterior.

I look at crafting and beauty as two in the same. You go from a plain canvas and you build on it, creating a wonderful work of art. The same way we apply makeup to our faces. We begin as a fresh canvas, and later after the makeup has been applied, we allow a different kind of beauty to emerge.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Massive Blog Sale

 Hello everyone thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and check out my blog sale, as you can see I have a large variety of items for just about anyone. Everything is brand new and never used, unless otherwise noted. Some things may have an item swaped or something. I do customize bows, and bow holders. If you need something made simply message me and I can do so for you.

I will also be willing to do swaps for crafting supplies, just message me and we will set up an arrangement.

The rules for this blog sale are pretty simple. Here they are.


-PAYPAL ONLY, unless you and I work something out, at which point I will only hold the item for 4 days, if I do not recieve payment within those 4 days I will re-list!
-Shipping: First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation (unless you order an amount of stuff that can fit into any of the flat rate boxes.)
-Shipping will very, simply message me with your choice of items and I will configure the shipping charges for you.
-I will ship world wide, however please note that shipping is pricer for overseas, therefore I will have to charge extra. I apologize in advance.
-No Returns or Exchanges - All Sales are Final!!
-I will not be responsible for lost or damages through shipping, that is beyond my control. However please know I will ensure that I package everything carefully and ensure I protect it to the best of my ability. You will have the option to pay extra for insurance if you would like, just let me know.
-First come first serve, will keep pending for 4 days
-Package will be sent out once payment is PAID not PENDING
-!If you see something you want, simply email me at as well as provide me with your paypal email info and I will then send you an invoice.
  *Now here is the fun part. All the pictures, and prices for you to view. Just let me know your choices.*

Black Radiance Illuminating Shimmer $2 (sold)
Black Radiance Golden Shimmer $2 (sold)

Icing (tri-tone) bronzer $4 (sold)

These are 2 random un-named blushes. $1 for both

TCW Blushes 3 tones in a compact $.50 each

Rimmel Blush London Blush $1.25 each (plum (sold), berry, spicey nude x2)

Almay Pure Blends Blush $1.50 each (orchid, sun-kissed, honey)

Jazz Pressed Powder $1 each (terracota, cinnamon)

Milani Sunset Duos Blush and Bronzer $2

These are the ELF Eyes and Lip palettes they are brand new, never used or swatched and they will sell for $3.50 each. (both sold)

Elf Super Shine Lipgloss in clear $.50 (sold)

ELF Eyeliner and Shadow Stick $1.75 each (brown, moss, pearl)

Elf Daily Brush Cleaner $2.50
Elf Primer $2.50 (sold)

ELF regular line brush set (eyeshadow x4, defining eye brush x2, foundation, eyebrown and comb) $.75 each.

ELF Studio Line Brushes $2 each (all sold)

ELF Pressed Powder $2 each (coca has a minor knick in it, almond, porcelain they are all brand new.)

Warm Bronzer $2 (sold)
Cool Bronzer $2
Golden Bronzer $2

ELF Eyebrow Kit $2 (dark) (sold)

Elf Translucent Matifying Powder $2 (1 left)

Elf Contouring and Bronzing Powder $1.50

ELF Shimmering Palette $2 (sold)

ELF Complexion Perfection Compact $2 (sold)

ELF Concealer Pencil and Brush (light)

ELF Eyebrow Treat and Tame $2 (dark)

ELF Cream Liners $2 each (midnight, coffee, ivory (sold))

ELF dual lipcolors $.25 each (all sold)

These are the ELF natural and dramatic eyelashes and they will sell for $.75 each.

ELF Waterproof eyeliner pen $.50 (sold)

Salon Collection Brow and Lash Comb $1.50
Salon Collection Blush Brush $2 (sold)
Salon Collection Lip Brush $1.50
Salon the Brow Definer $1.50
Salon Mineral Brush $3 (sold)
Salon Kabuki Brush $3 (pic. not shown)

Essential Tools Eye Shading Brush $1 each

This is for a breakfast with audrey sigma brush. This was used once, however I will clean and sanitize the brush before it ships. This brush will sale for $15. (sold)

Lumene Brushes $2 each (retractable powder blush, face and blender brush (sold), fine liner brush and blending tip, angled blush and cheeck blending contour brush.)

Studio Tools Concealing brush $1.50 each (both are sold)

sassy and chic cream eyeshadow $1 (sold)

Markwins 9 Eyeshadow Palette $1 each (brown tone one sold)

L'Oreal Wear infinite Pressed Eyeshadow Quad (peachful Spirit) $2

Dream Mousse Eye shadow $1 each (tranquil rose, blue heaven, lilac cloud = all sold)

Almay Pure Blend Single Eyeshadow $1.75 each (apricot, steel, cinnamon)

Maybelline Mineral Power Powder Foundation $4 (natural ivory (sold), creamy natural light)

Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid Foundation $4 (porcelain ivory) (sold)

Almay Pure Blends Foundation $2 each (beige x2, honey x2, and natural x2)

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Custom Face Perfector $3 each (honey beige/medium, tan/dark)

L'Oreal Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Powder $1.50 (natural beige)

Kirkland Shimmer Powder $2 (sold)

Revlon Color Stay Foundation Active $3 each (toast x2)

L'Oreal Feel Naturale Light Softening 1 Step Makeup $2 (nude beige)

Milani Pressed Powder $2 (rich beige)

L'Oreal Visible Lift Serum Inside Normal to Oily $3 (natural buff)


Maybelline Pure Makeup foundation $2 each (caramel/dark, natural ivory/light)

Revlon Color Stay Foundation Combo/Oily Skin (buff) $3.50
HIP Jelly Balm $2 (luscious) (sold)

HIP DUO Eye shadow $2.50 each (sassy (sold), foxy, devious (sold), perky, poppy (sold), wicked(sold))

L.A Color Bronze Glow  $.75
L.A Color Blush $.75 (toast)

L.A Colors single eyeshadow $1 each (purple, teal, black, beige, gold, white)

L.A Colors 5 eyeshadow palette $1.50 each (darling, wild flowers, tease, tea time)
L.A Colors 6 eyeshadow palette $1 each (eye candy, café au lait)
(not pictured but I can provide pictures if needed.)

L.A Colors 12 eyeshadow $1.50

L.A Colors 12 eyeshadow palette $1.50 (traditional) (sold)

Maybelline Lip Express Lipstick Liner $1 each (pink streak, jumping bean)
Wet N Wild Cream Liner $2 (eggplant)

Rimmel Special Eyes Clean and Defined Liner $1.50 (panama)
Rimmel Soft Kohl Intense and Smokey Liner $1.50 (denim blue)

Sally Hansen Moist and Matte Liquid Lip Color $1 each (shantung x2, linen (sold), tafetta,)

Maybelline Superstay Lip Color $1.50 each (chestnut, heather)

Say Yes to Carrots Lipgloss $1.50 each (playful nude) (sold)

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lipstick $2.50 each (orchid x2 (sold), lily x2 (sold), gardena, amber x2, primrose, marguerite (sold), cinnamon x1, walnut x1)

Mini Jordan Eye liners $.25 each (silver x6)
Mini Jordan Lip liners $.25 each  (terracotta x6)

Sally Hansen Plumping Lip Treatment $1 each (clearly passionate x2)

Lancôme Juicy Tubes Smooth Gloss Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss $3 (toffee pop)

Maybelline Shiny-licious $1.50 (grape-ful)

Artmatic Lipgloss $1.50 (moisture rich color)

Sally Hansen Lipnotic Gem Gloss $1 (sold)

Sexy Mother Pucker $3.00 (super starry)

Maybelline Lip Polish $1.50 (purple passion)

Rimmel Volume Booster $1.50 (tease)
L.A. Color Lipgloss $1(sold)

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss $1.50 (eastend snob)

Random Lipstick $.50 (reddish tone)

Hard Candy Lipstick $1 (Lolita is slightly messed up from being knicked and wiped, but it was never used))

Estee Lauder Lipstick $5 each (fig, rose tea, candy)

Almay TLC $1.25 (latte)

This false lashes will sale for $.75 each (I have a few of these)
Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara $3 each (very black x2)
Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara $3 (blackest back)
Maybelline Lash Stiletto $2.50 (very black) (sold)
Maybelline Define a Lash Mascara (very black)(sold)
Loreal Waterproof Volume Shocking Mascara (black brown) $2
Loreal Bare Naturale Mascara $2 (black)
Loreal HIP High Intensity Pigments $2 (ultimate black x2) 

NYC Single Eyeshadow $1 each (liberty celebration, united nations, wall street, brooklyn, ellis island, and taxi) (all sold)
NYC Smooth Mineral Loose Finishing Powder $1.50 each (natural veil)
NYC Smooth Mineral Loose Eye Powder Kit with waterproof sealer and lining $1.25 each (frosty shimmer, and cocoa shimmer)

NYC Color Kit $1 each (manhattan mauve, pastel craze, denim daze)(1 blush, brushes, 4 eyeshadows, and 2 lip colors.)

NYX Chrome Eyeshadows $3 (light pink, dust, hard core, fuschia, olive, herb, penny, sand, apricot, golden pink, piggy back, space, mimosa, golden peach, red, orange, baby pink, chaotic, lilac, ocean blue, lemon drop, bayou, panic, oatmeal, misty)

NYX Eyelashes $2.50 each (EL 102, EL 105, EL 111, EL 120(sold), EL 125, EL 130, EL 132, EL 134, EL 135, and EL 136)

A close up of the lashes.

A close up of the lashes.

A close up of the lashes.

NYX LipStick $2 each (orpheus(sold), zeus (sold), apollo (sold), gardenia, protus (sold), pandora (sold), orion (sold), rose (sold), helio (sold), dido (sold), athena, uranus (sold), mauve (sold), and nymphus (sold))

NYX Lipgloss $3 each (garnet, oro, burgundy, mod squad, golden mauve, merlot, and sunrise)

NYX Glimmer Mania Jumbo Pencils $2.50 each (candle light (sold), ceramic(sold), chakra (sold), moonstone, peridot, kiwi, raven, pale shrimp, jaipur, sea glass, and hampton)

NYX The Ultimate Pearl Shadow $2.50 each (white pearl)

Profusion Bronzer Kit $5 (1 bronzer, 1 eyeliner, 1 lip-gloss, 1 bronzing Cream, and 1 eye shimmer duo)

CK Delicious Lips Set $10 each (I have 2 brand new)

CK New Face Set $10 (I have 2 brand new)

Large ColorMates Eyeshadow Palette $5.50 (96 eyeshadows a few colors have been swatched, lid is broken of, however it still stays on. I hope that makes sense.) (sold)

Black Thin Lip Palette $3.50 (30 lip colors, 2 liners, and a double sided lip brush)

TCW Sets See Me Set (8 eyeshadow, 2 cream shadows, 1 mascara) $2 (sold)

Color mates Small Palette $2 (1 blush, 1 powder, 1 mascara, 1 eyeliner, 2 lip colors, mirror, 6 eyeshadows applicators, brushes)

TCW Color Workshop Heart Shaped Medium Palette $4 (15 lip colors, 15 eyeshadows, 4 blushes, 4 lipsticks, and some brushes)

Large Color Workshop animal print set $8 (leopard and clear case, applicator tools, 48 eyeshadows, 3 nail polishes, 4 lipsticks, 8 blushes, 1 lip liner, 1 eye liner, sharpener, and 2 empty compact cases) (sold)

Claire’s Silver Palette $4.50 (15 round eyeshadows with 3 colors in each, total of 45 colors)

Light Brown Profusion Set $5 (44 eyeshadows, 8 blushes, 20 lipgloss palette with mirror, some brushes) (sold)

Light Pink Zebra Profusion Set $5 (44 eyeshadows, 8 blushes, 20 lipgloss palette with mirror, some brushes) (sold)

Profusion Medium Kit $4 (48 eyeshadows, 3 blushes) (sold)

Perfect Image Set $2 (I have 2 20 eyeshadows, 4 blushes, 6 lip glosses, and tools)

Large Round Complete Profusion Makeup Kit $10 (30 eyeshadows, 6 lip glosses, 2 lipsticks, 2 lip gloss tubes, 3 glitters, 3 face powders, 3 blushes, 2 mascara, 1 eyeliner, 1 lip liner, large mirror, sharpner, and makeup tools)
BR Small Silver Makeup palette $2.50 each (I have 2, 12 eyeshadows, 8 lip glosses, 1 powder, and 4 blushes)

Small Hot Pink Palette $2 (18 eyesahdows, 6 lip glosses *some colors have been swatched) (sold)

Giovi Red Flower Palette $4 (20 eyeshadow colors, a few colors have been swatched)

TCW Beauty Forever kit $2.50 (26 eyeshadows, 2 eyebrow cakes, 2 blushes, 6 lip glosses, 2 lipsticks, 2 brushes, 1 eyeshadow applicator)

TCW Lip and Eye Mobile Compact $4 (20 eyeshadows, 20 lip glosses, 2 lip brushes, 2 sponge applicator, 2 compacts with mirror)

Elf Get the Look Kit $4 (Purple Perfection Smokey Eye Set)

Wet N Wild Body Radiance Kit $5 (mega shimmer illuminatin powder, 1 mega pump shimmer, mega pump bronzer, 2 mega sparkle shimmer dust)

Cameo mini makeup kit $3 (sold)

Ped Egg $3 

Nail Fetish pictured with silver tops and white tops $.75 each (gravy train x 3, California love, penny, icon, blue glitter, baby doll, ruby slippers,)

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails $1.25 each (flirt, mellow yellow, bamboo shoot, and blackout)

L.A Color Nail Art Deco $1 each (bright green, magenta, bright orange, baby pink, yellow, white)

Owl Rings Adjustable Band (light pink, teal (sold), gold/yellow, hot pink, red) $2.50 each

Large Ring with 5 Rhinestones (hot pink, green) $2.50 (both sold) 

Rhinestone Ring with Pearls Adjustable (2 different Shapes) $2.50 each

Flower Rings Adjustable Band (orange, red x2 different designs) $2.50 each

Heart Bling Rings Adjustable Band (white, red, gold, the gold is smaller than the other 2) $2.50 each, the gold is $2.25

Zebra Rings Adjustable Band (oval, diamond like, circle(sold)) $2.50 each

Butterfly Rings Adjustable Band (black, green (sold), gold (sold), red (sold)) $2.50 each

Hello Kitty Rings Adjustable Band (butterfly yellow, circle black, circle blue) $1 each

Cheetah Print Rings with Rhinestones (different prints, (all sold)) $2 each

Bath and Body Works Body Lotion and Body Spray Set $4.50 (Japanese Cherry Blossom)

Soap adn Glory products will sale for $3 each 

Ion Color Brilliance Set $10 (purple pouch with 3 sections and it all folds up nicely, 3 sensitive scalp 10 volume developer, 1 bowl, 1 squeeze bottle, 1 brush)

Body Image Romantic Sweet Pea Set $3.50 (set includes clear case, puff, shower gel, moisture lotion, refresher spray.)

Bling String $1.25

Icing Shimmer $3

Ion Sensitive Scalp Developer 10 $1.75 each (I have 3)
Ion Color Brilliance $1.50 each (pre-color treatment, after color treatment, color corrector)

Brand new in the box LA Vida Loca (knock off of the Viva La Juicy Perfume) $3.50 (sold)
Curve Crush Perfume $5

This is for a beautiful handmade bow holder/earring holder. This will retail for $15 plus shipping. (it will hold a decent amount of earrings as well as bows.)

This is a cute pink military inspired bow holder. It will sell for $5 plus shipping.

Here are more items I am adding to this blog sale.

This is just a pictures of all the extra goodies I am adding to this blog sale. Below is a list of everything with pictures and prices.

This is the knock off of of the perfume Goddess from baby fat. It is brand new, never used and will sell for $3.50

This is for a Harajuku lovers 1 oz. perfume in the fragrance Love. It has been sprayed 3 times, the bottle is pretty much still full and will sell for $25

This is for a Candies 3.4 oz bottle of perfume. As you tell by the picture it is pretty much full. I believe it has only been sprayed maybe 3 times. This will sale for $10

These are for 2 random Linen sprays. They can be sprayed on linen, as an air freshner, room freshner, on carpets, etc. They come in the scents lily of the valley and summer moss and they will sell for $1 each

This is for a Loreal wear infinite quad shadow in the color sizzling safari and will sale for $2

This is for an Almay trio eyeshadow in the color trio for blues and it will sale for $1.25

These are for some TCW blushes in two tones and they will sell for $.50 each

These are TCW quad blushes and will sale for $.50 each

These are for maybelline single and duo eyeshadow (top right to left turquoise jewel, black sequint, and bottom left to right city lights, and duo in copper delight) These will sell for $1.25 each

This is for a revlon colorstay eyeshadow quad in the color priceless metal and it will sell for $2

This is for a CK eyeshadow trio in the color deep brown (honeymoon, sandstone, and tempting glace) and this will sell for $5 (sold)

These are for teh single shadow from covergirl (top left to right blue bell bloom, opal dust, bottom left to right golden sunrise, spring mist) these will sale for $.75 each

These are the black radiance duo eyeshadows (top left to right island/oasis, chrome/steel, bottom left to right rhythm/blues, sunrise/sunset) These will sell for $2 each

These are the HIP cream shadow paint (left to right steely, lofty, commanding, witty) $2.50 each

These are for teh Hot looks eyeshadows with 10 shades and they will sell for $1.25 each

These are 2 sets of shadows 12 in each and it will sell for $1 for both (they do not have a case.

These are 2 sets of shadows 12 in each and it will sell for $1 for both (they do not have a case)

These are for 6 shadows and a blush with a clear top, and they will sell for $.75 each

These are the dream mousse  bronzer and blush and they will sell for $1.25 each

These are the ELF blushes (I am not sure what order they are in but the colors I have are Berry Merry, Peachy Keen, Tickled Pink, Blushing Rose, Candid Coral, Fuchsia Fusion). They will sell for $2 each

These are for the Maybelline Blushes (top left to right rose silk, pinch o' pink, gentle pink, precious pink, bottom left to right dusty mauve, berry sorbet, plushed plum, brick rose) $1.50 each

These are the Wet N Wild Blush (left to right heather silk, pearlescent pink) $1.75 each (sold)

These are for the Revlon Color stay and Revlon Matte single shadows (Left to right purity, rich sable, pink innocence) they will sell for $1.25 each

These are the Loreal HOPE Cream eyeshadows and they will sell for $.75 each

These are 3 other mascara I have for sale (brand new never used)  (left to right maybelline define a lash volume mascara soft black, rimmel eye magnifier exact definition extreme black, Maybelline the colossal volume express absolute black) these will sell for $2 each

HIP Cream eyeshadows (all new) (mesmerizing, majestic, captivating, exhilirating, irrisitable, exquisite) $1.50 each

The NYC Smooth Mineral loose Blush Powder (pearl mocha, tender pink) $1.25 each

These are for the Maybelline Mineral Power Blush (Left to right fresh plum, gentle pink, soft mauve, true peach) $1.50 each

ELF eyelash curler and Elf travel mirror $1 each

Estee lauder Blush and Bronzer Compac (deluxe all over face rosewood blush, nude rose blush, and soft matte bronzer) $8

Milani Mineral Compact Makeup (creamy natural) $3

Milani Powder Mosaics (honey kissed) $2 (sold)

Hot Looks Dual Blush $.50

Loreal Airwear breathable long wearing powder foundation with spf 17 (beige) $3

Sally Hansen Lipsticks (soothing spice, tranquil toffee) $1 each

HIP Lipglosses (tempting x1, coy, honest, adoring) $1.50 each

NYX lipsticks (cashmere, violet shine) $1 each

Milani easy liner for lips pink sugar $1.50 each

Loreal colour riche lipliner (eternal mauve) $1.50 each

Nail Tek Set (intensive therapy, 10-speed polish drying drops, advanced hydrating creme) $14

Brush Set Comes with 5 tools and a case $2 each

Cosmetic Brush 5 Set (contains: defining blush brush, eyebrow brush & comb, eyshadow brush, eyshadow sponge applicator, oversized foundation brush(looks more like a blush or powder brush)) $1.25 each

These are the Elf Brightening Eye Pot and will sell for $.25 each

These are the ELF mineral eyeshadows and they will sell for $2 each
(sweet is the only one sold)

These duo eyeshadow by ELF are $.50 each

These are the minty lip gloss by ELF ((left to right boston, chicago, houston, seattle, san diego) $1.50 each

Below are some pictures of different bows I have made. I can customize anything you would like, simply let me know what you need and we can work something out.


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