My thoughts on crafting and beauty

Always Remeber that beauty is only skin deep. To achieve true beauty one must reach for inner beauty, then work on your exterior.

I look at crafting and beauty as two in the same. You go from a plain canvas and you build on it, creating a wonderful work of art. The same way we apply makeup to our faces. We begin as a fresh canvas, and later after the makeup has been applied, we allow a different kind of beauty to emerge.

Friday, January 11, 2013

What is going on with me and what I have planned.

Hello everyone. I know it has been a very long time since I posted anything on here. Today is mine and my husband Rene Garcia's 7 year wedding anniversary, It blows my mind how fast time passes us by. A lot has changed for me and my family in 2012 and the start of 2013, I will get into more details throughout this post.
I am currently reading a book called Resolution for women and working on improving myself from the inside out. I have given it all to God and am working on not allowing the words or actions of others to affect me. I am finally realizing that life is too short and nothing is promised to us, especially the future. I may not have control of how long I am destined to live on this earth, or the actions of others, however I do have control of how I behave as well as taking care of myself and the ones I love. The book is based on changing my ways and walking with God in the process of improving myself. I have spent my whole life getting angry with people and allowing them to consume me and preventing myself from living in true peace. I however am learning and developing myself to be a better and more productive person. The way I look at is God has thrown a lot of curve balls my way, but he never put more on my plate than I was able to handle and he always made sure to pull me through it. You know the old saying, "If God brings you to it, he will get you through it." I strongly believe in that. Despite what I have gone through over my lifetime, God has always gotten me through it and has always allowed me to be a better person as time passes.
I am 33 and will be 34 this year and I refuse to allow anymore time to pass me without cherishing each day and each moment I have. I have a few goals for 2013 and they are to be more active in my kids and husbands life, to do more crafts, to find work, to start working out and get into shape, to see a doctor about my health issues and get to the bottom of them, to take care of myself and make sure I do my hair and makeup on a daily basis and make sure to start feeling better about myself.
My biggest problem over the years is that I haven't been confident enough in myself and the things I do. That all stops now.
OK now on to what we have had to endure over the past year, up until now. My husband Rene got out of the navy due to new navy rules and regulations. Since getting out of the navy he has been unable to find work that will benefit us as a family and he also lost his unemployment right before the holidays. Finances have been tight as of late, but I am confident God has great plans for me and my family. I hope to one day open up my own craft business and to get a job that involves doing crafts or makeup. I also plan on going back to school to obtain my degree in nursing. I love helping others and since my father in law has been diagnosed with liver cancer I have seen his home help nurse come and check on him weekly. He always looks forward to seeing her. I know it will be hard to care for people and have something happen to any of my patients, however I will make the best of the time I am able to help them or their family members. Aside from becoming a nurse I would like to hopefully have my own online crafting business within the next few years. Our kids are adjusting well to the move. Oh yeah we made the move from Pensacola Florida to Ray City Georgia so that my husband could be closer to his parents with everything going on with them. I won't lie, living with his parents has not been that easy, but I know God has planned this out and I am holding on to the faith that things will get better. There has been a whole lot more going on, but as time progresses I will get into more details.
I have finally gotten my closet/makeup area done, the only thing I have left to do is set up my desk in order to be able to sit and do my makeup, rather than having to stand. Now don't get me wrong there are still some minor things I want to do in order to make the closet/makeup area look the way I want for it to, however it cost money to get the material I need in order to get the space perfect. I however am confident it will happen. The same applies for my craft space. My craft space is not yet done, but I am steadily working on it and hope to have it done the way I want it to look by the end of this weekend. I will be sure to do a post regarding my craft and makeup/closet area once I have it set up for the most part. I do want to purchase fabric and hide everything behind handmade curtains, but that will take time and if I wait until I am able to do that and paint all the furniture to match as well as get the other storage units I want, it may take a long while before I can get the video up, and I really don't feel like waiting until close to the end of the year or even the start of next year. I realize my spaces are not perfect in appearance, and that is much like me. I may not be perfect in appearance, but I am happy with myself for the most part and am aware that I have some minor changes in order to get myself the way I want, the same applies for my makeup/closet area and craft space.
Well I have rambled a whole lot, but I plan on starting to take more photos and do many more post on here. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading a little about me. Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns you may have. Hugs and love to you all. God Bless.

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